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What's New with Crochet Designs

February 20, 2016 Janet restores the wonder and beauty in Filet Crochet with her newest pattern set, In Love Filet Crochet. See the new patterns here Set 85: In Love Filet Crochet.
January 9, 2016 Now get Janet's Mobile Creator App! (Android Only) Create Filet Crochet Patterns on your mobile device. Written instructions are automatically generated for your patterns. Over 400 stamps, inserts and borders are included with Filet Crochet Creator. Download also includes several free patterns. Download is free!
May 24, 2015 Janet released her Mobile App! (Android Only) View filet crochet patterns and instructions created by Over 100 patterns available. Patterns are displayed in a chart that you can zoom in/out on. Written instructions are also provided. Instructions include amount of thread needed and approximate finished size.
March 14, 2015 Just in time for Spring (and on Pi day!) Janet brings us more floral beauty. Click over to Pattern Set 84: Flowers for Love .
April 18, 2014 File Crochet v14.2 is here! See The Designer's Choice Edition VI. New features, new ways to create and customize patterns, paste clip-art, use fonts, and create color patterns!
June 28, 2013 See Janet's latest pattern set with beautiful floral compositions. Click over to Pattern Set 83: Filet Crochet Flowers .
May 20, 2012 See Janet's latest pattern set with crochet pieces you can enjoy all year round. See Pattern Set 82: A Year of Filet Crochet .
August 14, 2011 Janet released Filet Crochet 13.2.
May 9, 2011 Janet inspires once again with a collection of floral patterns, Pattern Set 81: Flowers and Gardens in Filet Crochet .
May 16, 2010 This one is going to be popular folks! Suzy has answered the call with some of her favorite scriptures from the King James Bible, including the oft requested The Lord's Prayer and The Twenty-Third Psalm. See Pattern Set 80: Precious Words by Suzy Clawson.
February 27, 2010 Kathy is out of the gate in 2010 while the Winter Olympics are wrapping up. Is your heritage represented? See Pattern Set 79: What's Your Heritage by Kathy Anderson.
January 24, 2009 Janet released Filet Crochet 12.2
January 12, 2009 Janet delivers first for 2009... with a brand new pattern set. It makes me shiver with all that snow! :-). See Pattern Set 78: A Season of Filet Crochet .
June 18, 2008 Want more? Marcie Feine delivers! See Pattern Set 77: Crosses of Christ . And there's another Wedding Cross pattern ready for personalization.
May 26, 2008 Marcie Feine generates another wonderful pattern set aligned with her faith and personal expression. See Pattern Set 76: Crosses of Jesus . She also included a Wedding Cross pattern ready for personalization.
December 10, 2007 We get a lot of requests from beginner crochet enthusiasts, so I added a free pattern set just for them. Free to download... and includes the Free Filet Crochet Viewer. Have a look: Free Filet Crochet Pattern Set .
February 8, 2007 I wonder what it must be like to live in wonderland like Janet does! Using the latest features of the new version of her software, she's designed Pattern Set 75: Springtime Decor in Filet Crochet with a beautiful collection of florals, gardens, and weddings!
January 20, 2007 Janet released Filet Crochet 11.2
November 16, 2006 Cool! Now I have a neat and creative way to mount the pictures from my new digital camera. See Pattern Set 74: Filet Crochet Picture Frame Mats by Mary Griffin.
August 13, 2006 They say that the new generation will be known as Gen-M, "M" for Mashup, merging style and technique from different sources. Suzy Clawson offers a mashup with filet crochet and oil painting in her latest offering Pattern Set 73: Artistic Endeavors .
April 16, 2006 I see a trend occurring. Wanna race? Mary Griffin revs up another automobile-oriented pattern set in Pattern Set 72: Vintage and Classic Cars . Gas up, shift into low gear, and sit back and enjoy the ride!
February 4, 2006 Mary Griffin and Robichaud Designs bring us their latest treats. Answering the call for all you budding interior decorators (shabby chic or not!) is Mary Griffin's Pattern Set 70: Fancy Tables and Living Rooms. Not very good news for you dog lovers (although I'm sure we'll all be served well soon), Robichaud Designs brings it with Pattern Set 71: Cat Views.
October 14, 2005 Mary Griffin returns with more Corvette patterns. See them all in Pattern Set 69: Colorful Corvette Doilies .
August 28, 2005 Janet unveils another exquisite set of elegant and beautiful patterns. If there's a place in your world for flowering beauty and lace, then check out this wonderful pattern set. Pattern Set 68: Filet Crochet Roses, Flowers and Lacey Elegance .
May 31, 2005 Get your motor running! Mary Griffin unveils yet another set of Corvette patterns for your need-for-speed friends! See Pattern Set 67: Filet Crochet for Corvette Fans II .
May 16, 2005 Is there any end to the wonder and imagination for castles? Now you can live like the Queen (or King) with your very own set of regal adornments. See Janet's latest collection in Pattern Set 66: Filet Crochet for Home and Castles by Sand Castle Designs.
April 2, 2005 See the cool new Free Screen Saver for all Filet Crochet lovers! And the patterns used in the screen saver can be used within Filet Crochet!
January 12, 2005

Fantastic! Have you seen the new features in Janet's latest release, Filet Crochet version 10.2 ? Cool! And she's added a few animated demonstrations so you can see it in action! Basic Tools and Designer Tools .

December 14, 2004 Wow! Get all your holiday patterns in one set... Be busy all year 'round with Pattern Set 65: A Year of Holidays by Robichaud Designs.
November 16, 2004 See Pattern Set 64: Special Times and Fun Crochet, Janet's latest addition of fun patterns--ideal for gift giving on those special occasions!
September 5, 2004 Enjoy the magic of shapes, flowers, and more! Janet's latest crochet set promises fun and magic for the crocheter and the recipient of your thoughtful gift! See it all in Pattern Set 63: Filet Crochet Magical Fun by Sand Castle Designs.
July 24, 2004 Does it seem that Christmas starts earlier each year? Now is the time to start those Christmas Crochet projects and brighten everyone's day with Christmas decorations throughout your home (please wait 'til Thanksgiving before setting them out :-) See some new, fun, spirited designs in Pattern Set 62: Christmas Goodies by Robichaud Designs.
July 1, 2004 If you're not one of those privileged few who get to watch the fireworks this summer on horseback, then crochet something from Pattern Set 61: Decorating the Ranch by Mary Griffin, and bring a little horse indoors.
June 12, 2004 Janet's out with her latest pattern set: Pattern Set 60: Elegant Home and Garden Crochet . If I'm not mistaken, I think I see a little influence in there from Janet's bouncing baby niece Erika.
November 17, 2003 Sweet! Our newest designer ready to share her self expression with the world. Check out Pattern Set 59: Variety Expression by Isabel Kanakanui.
November 4, 2003 Wow! What an awesome collection of season favorites. Suzy Clawson enters Pattern Set 58: Special Occasions into your mix of easy choices this fall!
October 2, 2003 Back for another amazing pattern set, Suzy Clawson adds Pattern Set 57: Elaboration set to the mix. Perfect gift ideas for the holiday gift-giving season!
April 10, 2003 Getting ready for Easter? Gonna make that annual trek to a family member's home to celebrate? See Pattern Set 56: Bunnies and Blessings by Janelle Schlossman and assemble the next gift for the upcoming holiday.
February 23, 2003 Check out our latest two pattern sets-- Pattern Set 54: Family Fun Filet by Suzy Clawson for those precious family members, and Pattern Set 55: Heart, Flowers and Lace Crochet by Sand Castle Designs that offers a romantic floral, hearts, and lace collection.
February 19, 2003 Where have all your software improvement suggestions gone? Right to Janet! And she's out with the latest version of Filet Crochet, version 9.2, The Designer Choice Edition! Read all about it, and be sure to take advantage of the upgrade offer if you're already an avid customer!
November 17, 2002 Just in time for the crisp cool on the outside and fireplace warmth on the inside! Enjoy Pattern Set 53: Scenes of Fall by Janelle Schlossman.
November 7, 2002 Enjoy a cornucopia of art and class in Pattern Set 51: Fancy Filet by Suzy Clawson, and get ready for the gift-giving season this year with Pattern Set 52: Christmas Time by Janelle Schlossman.
October 21, 2002 End your day with a restful siesta, then crank up the evening with some spicy Fajitas and a Margarita! Enjoy Pattern Set 50: Southwest Filet by Mary Griffin.
October 4, 2002 Enjoy the magic, mystery, and fantasy of medieval times with Pattern Set 49: Medieval Fantasy by Janelle Schlossman.
September 8, 2002 A big welcome to Suzy Clawson, our newest Designer, with two new pattern sets. Got Love in your life? Love abounds in Pattern Set 47: A Bushel of Love by Suzy Clawson. Need some variety in life? Try Pattern Set 48: A Filet Variety by Suzy Clawson.
July 18, 2002 Just starting out? Try Pattern Set 46: Designs for Home Decor and Entertaining by K. Anderson Designs. Cool and useful patterns, simple to create, and perfect for learning filet crochet.
May 29, 2002 Today we celebrate our 12th contributing designer with Pattern Set 45: Medieval and Victorian Patterns by Marie-Jo Quinault.
March 11, 2002 Celebrate your Canadian spirit with Pattern Set 43: Canadian Influenced Home Decor by Mary Griffin. And for those blessed friends or family with a new addition to the family, perhaps they'll need some help from you! Check out Pattern Set 44: Baby Gifts and Necessities by K. Anderson Designs.
February 26, 2002 Matching table toppers and lace for your home decor. See Pattern Set 42: Decorate Your Home with Love and Lace by K. Anderson Designs.
February 21, 2002 Just in time for the warmth of Spring and the slow trickle of Winter's thaw. Cuddle up with Pattern Set 40: Decorative Sets for Home and You by Carol Hazlett.
Or, for the vette fan in the family, rev up your needles and leave 'em in stitches with Pattern Set 41: Filet Crochet for Corvette Fans by Mary Griffin.
February 4, 2002 Filet Crochet Version 8.2 is now available on CDROM! For an additional $10, Janet will mail you a CD. And, you can still download the product to get started quickly, while waiting on the CD to be delivered.
January 14, 2002 Happy New Year Everyone! See my very own new Pattern Set 39: Celebrate Spring with Flowers and get ready for the spring time rush of roses, tulips, and memories of a winter's passing.
December 05, 2001 See our wonderful new patterns: Pattern Set 37: A Trip Through the Garden by K. Anderson Designs, and Pattern Set 38: United States & Texas by Mary Griffin.
October 22, 2001 Our Newest Designer, K. Anderson Designs, shares her creativity with a beautiful set of Holiday patterns: Pattern Set 36: Holiday Pleasures Home Decor.
October 2, 2001 Filet Crochet Version 8.2 released. Many new tools and features, including the much requested color mode! Read all about it. Buy it online, download, and start creating within minutes!
September 24, 2001 Just in time for the Holiday Gift-Crafting Season, see Janelle Schlossman's great nature patterns: Pattern Set 35: Of Nature .
March 27, 2001 Marcie Feine brings her faith and love for Jesus in Pattern Set 34: Expressions of Faith .
March 12, 2001 Cheryl Henry adds her second patterns set, Pattern Set 33: Kitchen Accents .
March 8, 2001 Marcie Feine, our newest designer, shares her artistic craftwork with Pattern Set 32: Christian Designs .
March 3, 2001 Welcome to our newest guest designer, Cheryl Henry. She adds Pattern Set 31: Christmas DeLights . Enjoy!
January 22, 2001 Elizabeth Blevins joins our designer line-up with her first two sets: Pattern Set 29: Friends of the Wild and Pattern Set 30: Cowboy Country .
November 15, 2000 Some seasonal warmth and cheer! See Janelle Schlossman's Pattern Set 28: Season Greetings Holiday Collection .
November 3, 2000 Janelle Schlossman, contributes her third pattern set, Pattern Set 27: Home is Where Dreams Come True .
October 10, 2000 Our newest designer, Janelle Schlossman, contributes her first two pattern sets, Pattern Set 24: Dutch Country Collection , and Pattern Set 26: Simple Country Life . And, just in time for the holidays, Terri Lynn adds Pattern Set 25: Christmas Favorites .
October 9, 2000 New Filet Crochet version 7.2 now available! Janet has added many new features.
August 22, 2000 Deborah Shepherd adds Pattern Set 23: Every Day is a Holiday . I think I'll take off from work now!
June 7, 2000 Terri Lynn adds her new pattern set, Pattern Set 21: Picture Perfect , and Deborah Shepherd adds Pattern Set 22: Simple Geometry .
May 12, 2000 See Terri Lynn's new pattern set, Pattern Set 20: A Flourish of Filet .
April 27, 2000 Tosca Designs adds Pattern Set 18: Holland Memories and Pattern Set 19: Easter Parade .
March 21, 2000 Deborah Shepherd adds Pattern Set 16: Summer Garden and Pattern Set 17: Decorating with Filet Crochet . Some cool indoor decorations just in time for a hot, hot summer!
March 14, 2000 Deborah Shepherd adds Pattern Set 14: Potpourri and Pattern Set 15: Life In The Sea . Grab your crochet needles, snorkel, and head for the beach. The tide is right!
March 9, 2000 Welcome to our second guest Designer! Tosca Designs adds Pattern Set 12: Shamrocks and Such and Pattern Set 13: Butterflies and Roses Collection .
March 6, 2000 Deborah Shepherd adds Pattern Set 11: South of the Border . Anyone have a tall cool glass of water?
March 1, 2000 Welcome to our first guest Designer, Deborah Shepherd. See her pattern sets: Pattern Set 8: Oriental Scenes , Pattern Set 9: Oriental Flowers , and Pattern Set 10: Feudal Japan .
February 9, 2000 The Designer Program is officially launched. Sell what you create--post your Filet Crochet patterns with us and share the profits. See the Designer Guidelines for more info.
January 6, 2000 Happy New Year! And, Happy New Millennium! See the latest release of Filet Crochet Software , version 6.2.
November 3, 1999 Added shopping cart and download capability. Now you can shop online, buy online, and get your patterns and software directly--within minutes!
September 11, 1999 For those who want to browse through the CrochetDesigns products offline, download and print the Catalog. It contains the same information you'll find on the web site, but in one downloadable package. Enjoy!
August 23, 1999 Want to learn how to crochet the Filet Crochet patterns? Read my Learn How page.
July 17, 1999 Hungry for new patterns you can print and crochet? See the latest Pattern Set 7: Majestic Elegance .
July 14, 1999 Welcome to my new web site! I created it (with some help :-) to offer you my patterns and software that let's you easily create your own. I hope you like my new home! I'd love your comments!