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Your Home for Filet Crochet Patterns and Software

Janet, I just had to write you, and tell you how GREAT your Designer Program is. I'm so excited about my designs being showcased on your website. Imagine that, me a crochet pattern designer. It all happened so quickly!!! This opportunity has really changed my life. Now, I can't wait to get up in the morning and "go to work", designing more patterns. It's so rewarding to know that people really like my designs, and can't wait to start crocheting. Thank you for this wonderful program and all your support and encouragement.
Yours, one HAPPY lady, Deborah Shepherd

Designer Guidelines

Crochet Designs by Sand Castle Designs, Inc. would like to give you an opportunity to sell your Filet Crochet patterns on the web. You don’t have to create web pages, process credit card transactions or fill orders. We do it all for you!

What we want is for you to have an opportunity to have some fun by trying your hand at selling what you create.

How it Works
You send me your pattern files (.cht files) produced from Filet Crochet software (you retain all copyrights and ownership for your creative efforts.) I prefer patterns to be grouped in sets of 12. If you have less then 12, I will prorate the package sales price. Along with each pattern set (i.e. group of 12 patterns), I need you to fill out and submit the My Pattern Set form, which can be found on our web site.

Once I have received your pattern files, along with your submitted My Pattern Set form, your patterns will be reviewed. You will be notified within 10 business days the results of the review.

Once accepted, web pages will be created for you, displaying your patterns indicating you as the designer, and your patterns will be placed in our ordering database. Web page development time is subject to amount of current work. Approximate time to develop the pages may approach two months.

Customers will order your patterns from Crochet Designs by Sand Castle Designs, Inc. and will receive their orders directly and automatically from us.

You will receive an email upon completion of each order for your patterns. At the end of each quarter year, you will receive payment--a percentage of your total sales before taxes from the previous quarter. See Compensation on the Filet Crochet Designers Agreement for your percentage rate.

What is Your Cost?
Nothing, plus, the more you sell the more you make.

How Do We Do It?
Our portion of the sales covers web hosting, web development, credit card processing, software upgrades, and filling orders. There is no cost to you.

Get Started Now!
Getting started is simple and risk-free. There's no application fee, nor any hidden costs. Follow these steps:

  • Download, print, and sign the Designer Agreement . This is an Adobe Acrobat file, 272Kb--you'll need the free Acrobat Reader to print it. Get Acrobat Reader here.
  • Mail the Designer Agreement to:
    Sand Castle Designs, Inc.
    Crochet Department
    2403 Tall Ships Drive
    Friendswood, Texas  77546
  • Fill out the My Pattern Set form for each of your pattern sets.
  • Send me your patterns by email attachment. Send them to Be sure to include who you are, and tell me the name of your pattern set in the mail message.
  • When I get everything, I'll review your patterns and notify you. If all goes well, your patterns could be posted to the site within a week or so, and you can watch the sales arrive...
  • If you still have questions, send them to me!