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Your Home for Filet Crochet Patterns and Software

About Me

Hi! I'm Janet Casarez. I program Flight Support software for NASA--have been for 10 years now and enjoy the challenge, but my first love is crocheting.

I started crocheting at age 14, right after I saw my Grandmother make an afghan. I thought it was so beautiful--I had to learn and she loved to teach. My favorites were the Filet Crochet doilies she made. They were so dainty and elegant. I loved them so much that I started making my own from patterns I found in magazines and books. The only problem I had was finding the perfect pattern for me. I liked one motif in one pattern and wanted to combine it with some other motif in another pattern.

After years of frustration and a degree in Software Programming, I decided what I really needed was some Filet Crochet software to do the editing for me. Before I knew it, I starting creating my own patterns using my own designs. People starting asking me for the designs and software and you know the rest… Crochet Designs by Sand Castle Designs, Inc.

I hope you enjoy the patterns and software as much as I do. Keep crocheting!