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Expanded View of Filet Crochet Software

Easy and Fun to Use!
This software was designed with you in mind. We've incorporated options, options and more options. There are more than 90 options to choose from and with all those options, we've made it easy to use.

It's this easy...
To start a pattern, just start Filet Crochet. It automatically displays a grid. The pencil in the toolbar is already selected. You just need to start drawing. If you need to expand or shrink your pattern just grab the resize handles with your mouse and drag the pattern to a new size. Simply click on a toolbox button or speed bar button to try a new option. It's that simple! Select Save to save your pattern and your done.

We have you in mind…
We know you like options that are easy to get to and use. So we've created a speed bar that contains quick selection of the options you use most. A toolbar that contains all your editing tools in one place. A menu bar, loaded with more options just for fun. And if that is not enough, we added Click and Drag options on the screen itself.

We really mean it…
Use the speed bar to add a row/column counter, add a ruler for the yarn or thread size you are using, zoom in/zoom out, redo/undo what you have done, display finished product picture, display instructions, change your grid selection, etc.

Use the menu to add a title, add a footer, change your pattern shape, add clip-art, change fill styles, view thumbnail of your pattern as you draw, etc.

Use the toolbar to fill squares, add text, draw lines and shapes, add special stitches, add stamps, add inserts, trim edges away, cut, copy, paste, rotate sections of your pattern, draw in full color mode or one color mode, change colors, etc.

Click and Drag to resize the pattern, to change the gauge on the ruler (expand or shrink the ruler) or move the row/column counter starting counter.

When you are done, try the Jump to Web page button to create a web page of your new pattern in just one mouse click.

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