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Import ClipArt and Images to Create Filet Crochet Patterns

You can create patterns from your favorite ClipArt or Images. It's simple, just Copy and Paste. To read more about the Filet Crochet software, or order, click here.

For example, follow these steps:

1. Bring up Filet Crochet

2. Click File->Import

3. The Import Wizard displays

4. There are 3 choices for inserting graphics; From a graphic file, From a crochet pattern or From the clipboard. Choose “From a graphic file” and click Browse.

5. On your PC, select any file of the following file types:

  • Bitmap file (.bmp)
  • CompuServe gif files (.gif)
  • Icon files (.ico)
  • Jpeg files (.jpg)
  • Jpeg network graphics (.jng)
  • Multiple network graphics (.mng)
  • Portable network graphics (.png)

6. I chose this bitmap (.bmp) file of butterflies and flowers I found in my clipart folder.

7. Click Next

8. In this dialog, you can change the following:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • RGB Color values
  • Zoom size

9. I changed the Red, Green and Blue values to –255.

10. Click Next

11. Using the mouse, select an area of the pattern you want to import into your pattern. I selected the image of the butterfly on the flower.

Then, Enter the max number of rows/columns you want your selection to be imported as. I entered 100.

12. Click Next

13. The left side shows your original selection. The right side shows your selection as it will look on your pattern. The right side is adjusted to not exceed the maximum number of rows/columns you entered. Use the Back button to change your maximum selection.

14. Click Next

15. This screen allows you to reduce the number of colors in the image before importing.  To reduce colors, check Reduce colors and enter the maximum number of colors. I chose not to reduce colors.

16. Click Next

17. If your pattern is in single color mode then it is using one color of thread to create it. Your graphic will be converted to black and white. If your pattern is in multiple color mode then your picture is preserved in its full color.

18. Click Next

19. The image is pasted into your pattern with a paste box drawn around it. Press the Enter key to paste the image and remove the paste box.

Pasting Clip-Art directly from other software is easy to do

1. Bring up any program that can view ClipArt--in this case I used Microsoft Word

2. Find a piece of black and white ClipArt that you'd like for your Crochet project

3. In Word, select Insert->Picture->ClipArt (or select Insert->Picture->From File to import an image, like a GIF or JPEG from the web)

4. I chose this ClipArt found under Animals

5. Right click on the picture and select Copy

6. Next, in Filet Crochet, select Paste from clipboard -> under the Edit menu

7. The image will display with a paste box around it

8. Press the Enter key to complete the paste operation.

9. And it appears as a pattern where you can edit and improve as you wish…