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Your Home for Filet Crochet Patterns and Software

Filet Crochet Software Tips

These are a few cool tips that we have collected as we use and improve the software. If you have any that you'd like to share, send them to Janet!

Tip 1: Copy one pattern to another.

Follow these steps:

Tip 2: Make name doily patterns.

You can make name doilies using any font on your PC. Follow these steps:

Tip 3: Convert any bitmap file (.bmp) file into a Filet Crochet pattern.

To create a pattern from a bitmap (.bmp) simply open the bmp file in Filet Crochet. For best results, first convert your bitmap to a black and white image. If you open your bitmap file in Paint, Select Image->Attributes, and select Black and White. Here are the instructions on how to open a bitmap file in Filet Crochet:

Tip 4: Convert clip-art to a Filet Crochet pattern.

You can convert you favorite clip-art to a pattern. We've prepared a page all about it. See how>>